Byron Bay Bluesfest – top info about the best Aussie festival

It is just over one month till another 5 days of music, sun and fun! If you don’t have any plans for Easter weekend – try to head to Byron Bay to experience the best music festival of Australia. This year there is also another reason to go, since its 30th birthday of this incredible event!

Byron Bay is a stunning little town by the beautiful sandy beach. This town is a perfect place to relax, enjoy the sun and forget about the busy lifestyle at home. It is also a place of various festivals, one of the biggest and the most popular ones is Byron Bay Bluesfest!

Don’t hesitate!

If you ask me why is it the best festival and why should I really go? Just trust me! it is worth it! Especially that this is the lineup for this year!

Bluesfest showcases music from all over the world presenting over 200 performances on 5 stages. All of it takes place on 120 ha of Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, just few minutes from Byron Bay.

For 5 days before and during Easter, Bluesfest is opening its musical scenes for 12 hours everyday, presenting the best artists. The best experience is being able to see not only a the greatest internationally known bands and singers but also see many unforgettable shows of incredible talents from all over the world.

Get your tickets!

The 5 day ticket to Bluesfest is aroung $650 however, if you buy it ealrly it can be just $450. Even if you haven’t had the chance of buying the ealry bird ticket, check on Gumree. Maybe someone can’t go and they will sell their ticket. Anyway, even with the full price ticket – it is definitely worth it.

You can also buy just one day ticket (currently $200) or 3-day tickets ($480). There is plenty of ticket options!

Act Fast!

Finding accomodation for Bluesfest might be tricky. The town is completely full during the festival. Luckily, there is plenty of other towns around that can also offer accomodation. Bluesfest provides shuttle busses from many ares not only in Byron but other towns, just for $10 per person.

If you like camping – you can buy entrance to Bluesfest camping ground and be close to all the entertainment. However, it is pretty pricey and all this public toilets and showers do not look welcoming. I am a princess though. 🙂 I’m sure it is super fun staying there cause you can meet new people and get to rest near the venue – 12 hours of music a day can be tireding.

Shopping stalls

Byron Bay is full of camping grounds and tourist accomodation. The trick is to book it way in advance. Last year we decided on renting a room through We have done it months before we arrived, so I would definitely recommend to act fast.

Check the weather

Bluesfest provides 5 tents over the stages, however, it is an open air event. That is why it is good to bring a rain coat and whats more important – good gum boots. Last year the first day of the festival was a little bit rainy leaving a lot of mud which was not easy to cope with if you didn’t have the right shoes.

Evie + mud 🙂

Prepare your backpack

When you go to spend your day at the Bluesfest, you can expect there will be lots of bars and food stalls. However if you are on the budget, you can take your own food.

Enjoying our sitting area!

These are a few essentials to take to Bluesfest:

  • Sunscreen & hat – needed for a nice sunny Aussie weather 🙂
  • Camping seats or a blanket – it will be a long day and there is no options to sit instead of a grass (or in case of rain – mud). The seasts are very common on Bluesfest. You can also leave them outside of one of the tents and wonder around – they will be safe there 🙂
  • Money (there is plenty of shopping options 🙂 ) plus there is a little shop with CDs of all the artists and once you hear some of them you will want to buy some CD’s! We ended up buying around 10 of them and we keep listetning to them over and over again!
  • The best mood – that is all – Bluesfest is a great, positive family event, that is why you should take absolutely the best of it! Just enjoy

Have fun!

This is the last and the most important advice! Just come and enjoy! That’s how it was last year! Im sure this year will be fun too!



  1. ufuomajesegineyahoocouk

    These are great reasons to go see the event! It sure sounds amazing. I like the part about being a princess! Mobile toilets and showers are not my scenes at all so that makes me a princess too lol! I also love the part about bringing the best mood! After all, without a good mood, one wouldn’t enjoy any social gathering! I love the way you put the blog post together. Easy flow!


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