Singapore in 2 days – top attractions

Modern infrastructure, lots of beautiful plants and an amazing weather – this was our first impression of Songapore.

This small country consists of one main island surrounded by 62 small islets. The city’s population is 5.6 mln and it is very multicultural. Moreover, what makes it even easier – one of four official languages in Singapore is English, which is super handy to travel there.

Beecause of Singapore’s great economy, their currency (Singapore Dollar) is pretty strong – being just slightly higher than Australian Dollar. That is why, travelling there is a little bit pricey. Although, when you decide to come here, you can be sure you will have the best exprerience.

Singapore is full of entertainment, tourist attractions and parks for nature lovers. That is why it is not easy to see everything when you have limited time (and budget).

This requires some panning skills, which luckily I (Evie) have. This doesn’t really agree with Josh’s “play it by ear” philosophy, and because of that, we don’t always agree on this topic. However, after a few “missunderstandings” we finally had a bit of a plan what to see and do.

We only stopped in Singapore on a way from Europe, and because of delayed flight, we had only 2 days of exploring.

Our plan was to see things that are not too pricey and don’t require too long travel time.

Since we were right after our 2 month holidays in Europe. That is why we focused on fast and cheap tourist attractions.

Gardens by the Bay

You can’t go to Singapore and not go to this incredible park. Entrance is free and you get to walk around beautiful palm trees, flowers and lovely animals.

The main attraction of the park are 12 supertrees covered with over 200 different types of plants. During the day and in the evening you can take a walk 25 meters up on a walkaway that connects the trees together. The cost of this Skywalk is just $8 a person so not too bad.

In the evening, when the sun goes down, Gardens by the Bay introduces a free light and music show, just under the supertrees everyday at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM. This is a 10-15 minutes show. It is a very cool attraction adding another entertainment element to this incredible park.

There is also a bar on the top of one of the supertrees. For $20 you get the entrance and a free drink. We decided to choose this attraction. And it was a nice choice, since we were waiting for the evening light show.

Gardens by the Bay feature also several greenhouses including the big waterfall and a cloud forest (a hill filled with various plants). The tickets to see the creenhouses are $28 SD a person and it requires patience since the lines to get there are huge. We were in Singapore during thei public holidays therefore the waiting time was over 45 mins, that is why we didn’t go and can only guess its worth it.

Marina Bay

Restaurants, shopping malls, museums and hotels. The vibe is there from the morning till the night. We took a nice bicycle ride around the Marina Bay and got to the Gardens By the Bay which are very close, connected to each other by a futuristic bridge with several view points for the photos.

This is a place to be, especially in the evening when all the lights create a special view and vibe. In the evening there is also a fountain show with light at 8PM and 9 PM and additionally on weekends at 10PM. Free of charge. Again, because we were there during public holidays, we were able to see the back of croud and tiny bits of fountains. That is why Ill post thi video from different sourse.

East Coast Park

When you land in Singapore and being transpoeted to your hotel, you will definitely go past Each Coast Park. It is a 15 km stretch of sandy beaches, parks, restaurants and beach attractions. There is also some cool camping sites and water sports spots.

We went there to kill time before our evening flight. We rented bikes and has a nice ride along the beach. Had a nice meal in one of the restaurants, and enjoyed the sun.

What’s interesting is the ocean view – when you look towards the ocean, your view is hundreds of shipping boats. You can see them, you can hear them but it is not too disturbing.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is a 165m observation wheel which makes it one of the biggest in the world. It is also the biggest tourist attraction of Asia.

At a height of 165m, Singapore Flyer is one of the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and also one of Asia’s biggest tourist attractions. And it is not too cheap – one ride costs $33 SD. You can also take a romanic ride with a glass od champagne and chocolates for $79 SD.

Singapore Flyer offers also a dining experience which is a cool date idea. It is $330 SD for a couple.

we have decided to simply take nice photos from under the Singapore Flyer which also looks pretty awesome!

Arab Street

We ended up spending every evening in Arab Street and the alleys around it. This vibe, artistic area is full of small pubs, hipster shops and colourful street art. When on Arab Street you can get traditional middle eastern meal, enjoying the view to Masjid Sultan Mosque, on lanes around (Haji Lane) you can listen live acoustic music and sip cold drinks.

It is very busy during the day with all Instagrammers taking selfies with the Mosque and streetart, however the night time is the time to visit this vibe area.

That is all from our 2 days in Singapore. There is a few cool free or very cheap spots in this incredible city. We will definitely check them out next time!



  1. dhiraj020

    I have heard lot of about Marina Bay from my friends. Because they have been there last year in 2018. Believe me I have been planning for this that I must visit Singapore but didn’t succeed. I am from India actually.


  2. Kenneth Clutario Agudo

    The places you have visited and the photos you have captured are totally stunning! I have been to Singapore and it is really clean and beautiful but I didn’t experience it at night where you can see these beautiful lights. Gorgeous photos. ❤


  3. Alexandra Cook

    Such beautiful photos! This is completely and utterly spectacular!
    I would love to travel to Singapore soon. Thanks for sharing


  4. Blaif

    I have been fascinated be Singapore’s modern architecture for several years. The pictures and videos you shared are amazing. It’s a testament to their strength how they have been able to advance their technology while maintaining a hold on their culture.


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