How to hike (and slide) the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was always on my (Evie) dream list. That was the reason we visitited China on a way to Poland from Australia.

How to get there?

Great Wall of China is not too far from Beijing and there are many options like hiring a car, bus or a train. It depends what part of the wall you want to visit but it takes about 1-2 hours from Beijing.

You can also simply book a tour that takes you to different spots. We’ve decided on Mutianyu part of the wall which according to guides it less busy. It was a very exciting moment for Josh since he has never booked a tour before. It was so amazing that they picked us up from the hotel (wow!) 🙂

Prices of the tours are similiar we’ve booked the one with the stop in Ming Tombs and it costed around $35.

Going with the tour guide

We just had 2 days in Beijing, that’s the option we chose. However, there is an option of getting there by train or bus which gives you more freedom.

We were happy to just go by bus. It was an interesting experience to check how is it organized in China.

Ming Tombs

Ming Toms is basically a park with different sculptures and Tombs. I think it is definitely nice to see it when its summer.

The sculptures have interesting history, each has meaning and they are all very old. This was an interesting stop.

Ways to the Wall…

When arriving to the area you will have to options – cable car to the top or the chairlift.

All was nice and fast. You can of course also purchase som suvenirs from the little stands around.

And when you are finally there…

When we finally got there – we got around 1-hour free time to walk in any direction to see the wall. And it is super exciting. The wall is very impressive. It is a bit damaged in some points, but come on! it is incredible construction!

Of course Joshua couldn’t survive without doing smething totally irresponsible. When he saw a little suspicious ladder standing next to the wall, he had to walk on it! I almost died of stress, cause I already imagined us being transported into Chinese hospital by helicoper… aahhh luckily – the ladder survived…Josh survived…and I was able to survive too 🙂

Overall (without the scary part with Joshua’s ladder experience) it was a really nice walk and I definitely recommend it cause the views are incredible!

You can even go outside the wall (using stairs – not ladder).

You can even buy some refreshments while walking on the wall. Joshua was excited about the beer. 🙂

Coming back…

When the whole exploring time is finished – you have a super fun option to go down. There is a fun slide (I thought it was scary at the beginning, but it is totally fine!). The slide is included in the price and takes you all the way down to where the bus parking is.

As you can see – it was suuuuuuper fun!


And at the end… you can take a photo with Chinese warriors…be careful – they will want some money for it!

Overall, I definitely recommend seeing the Great Wall of China – seeing it in winter might be not as spectacular as in beautiful sunny summer, however, in winter you get to explore it without thousands of tourists around. Which one is better? Im not sure, but I think I’ll go with winter!



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