10 things to expect when camping for 10 weeks in the snow

Camping in the snow sounds like a craziness for some people (for me – Evie too) but this is what Josh was dreaming about for months. He planned it perfectly, prepared himself for it, you can check how he did that here:

How to prepare for 10 weeks of camping in the snow?


After spending 10 snowy weeks in Australian Alps Josh can easily say what to expect during this time!

1. It will snow & it will be cold

Dah? it snows in winter! You have to remember that when it snows you have to be prepared it will be harder to do everything. It is harder in the city when we live in a warm cozy house, living in a tent can make you work much harder. That is why you need to make sure your gas bottles and heating systems are ready for everything. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes and you need to like the layers 🙂

2. You will get to meet nice wild friends

When you live in a tent in the middle of winter, you have to prepare that you might be in the nature all alone. Josh had fellow camping enthusiasts for some weekends but many times it was only him and the nature.

Animals were eager to meet him…




3. It is hard to make your “house” clean in a tent

This is like with traveling with a backpack or suitcase – once you stop somewhere and want to unpack a jumper of a towel – you end up with a big mess and have to repack/organize everything again.

The same is with a tent – it is hard to make it well organised and without Evie compaining how Josh needs to clean…the tent can look like this:


4. You become a camping MasterChef

The good thing about living in a tent is that you can eat whatever you want – the only thing is that you have to cook it!. When you love cooking it is great! You can work on your creativity everyday. The shops are far away and you have to work with the ingredients that you have. Which can me challenging sometimes.


The best thing is that on a nice day you can cook on a nice fire – perfect smoked food – yumm. That is a taste you can’t get when you live at normal home with walls and roof.

5. You will get to snowboard everyday!

One of the main reasons for Josh to spend such a long time in Thredbo, was snowboarding. Usually when you come to ski village for a week or a few days, eather cam complicate everything. The beginners also ger sore muscles after one day and they are not able to ski for next days or they do it with the pain :).


When you live there – everyday can be a snowboarding day!

6. You will take part in all fun events

During the season all Ski Villages organize cool events for all toursits. When you live in the village, you get to participate in all of them! Joshua got to see cool concerts, rodeo rides or sausage throwing contest (?) – sounds like super fun!

7. You will meet awesome friends

When you spend the whole winter season in Ski Village, not only you get the chance to meet fellow snowboarders and skiers, but also you can really meet the locals and see how the town operates during the season. You feel like a local too.

8. You will get visitors

When you live in a city. You meet friends in a pub, restaurant or you go to the movies together. When you camp in the snow – some courageous friends say – ” hey, ill visit”. This year Josh had his brother visiting him (planned to stay for 3 days, left after 1 night – it was too hard- core for him :)) and 2 friends. That was super fun!


9. Have some alone time

Everyone who likes camping knows why they love it – you get to be alone with your thoughs, relax in the nature…think about anything you need or want to think.


You + fire +book or guitar – this is something you will not get in the busy, fast city life…

10. You get to see these views everyday!

This point is one of the most important. Living in the nature gives you privilige to enjoy the wilderness and amazing views everyday and in all weather conditions…




And this is how it all went…



  1. mommyjheng

    Wow! I love the idea of camping. I never tried it before. I like the part of cooking something based from the ingredients available to you and make something good out of it. Though I was a bit uncomfortable with the animals strolling around but this would be fun. One of these days we’ll do camping here in the Philippines on summer maybe. Great post!


  2. Marijke Doldersum

    Wow, what a wonderful experience. I thought roughing it in an off the grid housesit that I am doing at the moment was something but what he did must have been awesome. I lived 25 years in Oz and camped a lot (never in the snow though) so I know a bit what to expect. Great post!


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