How to prepare for 10 weeks of camping in the snow?

Joshua loves camping & snowboarding. So he always dreamed of spending the whole winter season in Thredbo, Australia. It is a nice little village in the Australian Alps. The very small mountain town, but for a winter season, it changes radically. It is also very expensive to stay there.

Booking a place is not only pricey but very hard, as it is not enough hotels and resorts for the need. (It is just a few weeks of real snow in Australia, so when the winter comes – everybody wants to come skiing or snowboarding.

Camping is free though – and if you are a traveler like Josh – it’s the best option! I prefer the hotels or Airbnb, so no way! I didn’t join this expedition.

So the preparation for the camping expedition begun. And you do need to prepare quite a lot – you need to be ready for all weather conditions.

Go shopping for the gear!

If you are a traveler like us with a free spirit, you don’t simply go to the shop and spend hundreds of dollars for new clothes and equipment. Especially that snowboard and camping stuff is expensive.

Our favorite source of shopping is Gumtree, op shops or marketplace on Facebook. It does take some time but you can get so much stuff (and meet nice people and their stories).

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  • Snowboard gear

Josh spent weeks searching for snowboard gear. We’ve visited several shops but the prices were too crazy – so Josh started searching for online. We definitely recommend this option. Not only you can sometimes find brand-new gear – but what’s more important – it is much cheaper. The only thing is that you do need to be patient and check the gumtree almost all the time.


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Josh got a little crazy – and he ended up with 6 snowboards (one for me – brand-new – bought for $100 from a girl who has never used it – DEAL!). For all snowboards, Josh paid around $500 which is the price of a new snowboard from the shop.


He also managed to buy 2x snowboard jackets ($100 each).

  • Proper and comfortable tent

Spending 10 weeks camping requires a good tent. This one we got again through the internet, from a guy who used it twice – a nice 2 room tent – perfect for Josh. And we got it for just $100!


  • Think about the heating

Sleeping in a tent during winter is not an easy task. Mostly, because of the lack of heating. After searching for internet – Josh bought his favorite gadget – Mr Heater Buddy.  He needed 2 of them to stay perfectly warm during the winter days and nights. The first one we got in the online shop – $140. But luckily someone was selling the second one on Gumtree for $80 do for $220..and it worked perfectly! Definitely recommended!


  • You will need some power

When you think about the power – a great option are the solar panels + battery that you can charge with it. When searching for the solar panels Josh found one for $600 and luckily someone was selling exactly the same one on Gumtree – for $60 (and he added 2 gas bottles for free!!!). This was the best deal ever so far. The same story was with the power bank (Yeti 400) – $600 in the shop – and we bought it for $300 from some guy who got kids and doesn’t travel as much! 🙂 DEAL!

When buying that kind of things not from the shop you have to remember to check everything, that it works it is not damaged (we have never had bad experiences but some sellers can be scammers and sell you broken or almost broken equipment).

  • Don’t forget about the gadgets

When you camp for such a long time – even easy tasks might be hard to do. Cooking, washing clothes take time -, especially in winter. A lot of pots, and pans, camping stoves are needed indeed. But the best gadget that Joshua got on Gumtree was a camping washing machine ($30) and it was a really useful gadget!


Then it was time to pack – let’s say our beautiful Delica was SUPER FULL






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