How to learn to snowboard without falling (too much)?

This is the post about my first snowboarding experience.

Joshua, as the biggest fan of snow, winter and mountains dragged me to try snowboarding. Winter is totally not my thing – I hate the cold…snow and ice are too slippery and there are no palm trees… not too interesting for Evie.

But since Joshua was soo eager – I’ll try. He convinced me I will love it. Oh, how I doubted…but I had to tell myself (remember about compromising).


So, last winter we went to Thredbo Village (one of not many ski resorts in Australia) – this is where I’ve decided to learn to snowboard.

Get good clothes

When you go snowboarding, you need to remember about the whole equipment and proper clothes. They should make you feel dry and warm – but whats the most important – they need to be pretty!!!!

As perfect minimalists – we shopped through 🙂 You can buy so much stuff that is barely used… and not too expensive – which is important for the person who doesn’t know if snowboarding will be her long-term hobby. The most important focus when I was looking for new snowboard clothes was “does it look pretty?”.

My problem was that I could only find boring ski pants and jacket 😦 ( Orange jacket and black pants were my final choice (didn’t like the colors but I paid $150 for the brand-new set)


Josh knew how I wanted to be the most colorful, so he made sure I get the most colorful helmet, gloves, and a scarf. These we bought new – helmet you can get for around $79, gloves around $30.

And there I was – a pink helmet, blue gloves, a green scarf, and my boring jacket and pants. Luckily the gentleman at snowboard rental place gave me a matching board, so I was all set!


Get first few lessons

The lesson is a must for beginners. I booked 2 days of lessons. In Thredbo,  ski pass is a bit expensive (around $100) then lesson and rental – altogether it was over $200. It is a bit pricey – but oh well…it’s not common to snowboard in Australia so let’s go for it!

I was soooooo stressed before. As a person that has never tried even skiing, this was a big stress. I have to admit – when Joshua left me to go snowboarding on his own – I was thinking of not going – waiting somewhere for 2 hours and lie I’ve tried.

But I am not a wuss…I went – I tried…and it was super fun. I was actually surprised how I liked it and in my head, I was saying to myself “YAY I don’t have to pretend I like it”.


Snowboarding is not easy – oh no…but what is important, falling down doesn’t really hurt…it is kinda fun 🙂 The getting up is a bit hard though. 🙂

After my lesson, I was eager to practice and practice… plus – OMG – snowboard pants are the most comfortable pants in the world! I wanna wear them ALL THE TIME!


The only thing I didn’t expect was… sore muscles the next day… OMG – walking was a pain. It is true that you are in pain after your first lessons…but it is not from falling but moving different muscles. It was funny – walking like a cowboy for 2 days hahah


Do I recommend snowboarding? Yeah it was super fun! I can’t wait to learn more to be able to actually do something more “snowboardy”. 🙂


My final advice? – just try anything…sometimes you will be surprised how fun unknown is 🙂

Plus you look really cool in snowboard gear!



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