How to use the most of your holiday time? – planning our Polish trip

So finally, after almost 3 years in Australia, it is time to visit home! It’s been so long since I’ve seen my friends and family that I’m literally counting the day till I’ll land on my homeland.

This year Christmas will not be as hot as last year! 🙂



I did not expect that the first time I’ll be coming home from Australia, I won’t be alone.  I will come with Josh, and he is very excited to see my beautiful and cold country. Although, because of that, our holiday planning had to change into a big logistic plan!

I want to see everything!

4 weeks is not much. Especially when you have your friends and family spread around whole country. And you have an Australian who wants to see something else than just sit with your family and talk about good old times.

The best thing to do is talk! Decide who wants to see what and when. We discussed our holiday plan and Josh knew he wants to see his friends in London and Slovakia and that will be his part of our holidays while I can stay in Poland and enjoy time  with my friends and family without being a polish-english language translator all the time 🙂

STOP and relax!

Australia is so far away from the whole world. Flight to Europe is around 20h long (if you are lucky). So my plan since I came here was to stop somewhere on a way and use the time to see more interesting places.

After spending million of hours checking all the flight options, discussing with Josh who was not really helpful with giving me response “Do as you like”… I finally found the perfect (I hope) solution.

Flight to Beijing -> spending 2 nice days there with the opportunity to check the most popular tourist attractions and then another long flight to Poland! YAY

I always wanted to see the great wall of china so I’m super excited. Plus it will give us some time to rest.

And what is the best, if you fly in and fly out from the biggest cities in China within 72h, then you don’t need a visa. Just a flight ticket to show that you are willing to leave the country. So it is perfect for us!

Polish tournee

My sister just recently moved to small Polish town by the sea (im from central Poland) we will actually fly to Gdańsk and spend 2 days there  to explore beautiful Christmas Market and Beautiful Old Town in Gdańsk.

Gdańsk 34.jpeg

Because Australian dollar is stronger than Polish currency, I could afford really good hotels…so I’m super excited for 5 star hotel stays with swimming pool and sauna after cold winter days… 🙂 YAY

We will spend Christmas with my family…and finally I won’t be there only virtually…like last year…



Next stop – central Poland with my family and Josh will fly for few days to London…flights are pretty cheap as well. Flying from Poland to England costs around $100 and this is during the christmas season so I guess it is much cheaper on other days.

When Josh is back we are planning to spend a nice New Years Eve with my family or friends…. and then head to Kraków (Cracow) for my SPA weekend with my girlfriends YAY.

Josh will drive around 5 hours to Slovakia to see his friend.

Next stop – Białka Tatrzańska. Josh really wanted to try snowboarding in both Poland and Slovakia so we will spend 3 days in Białka Tatrzańska and 3 days in Jasna in Slovakia… I found really nice hotels. Thanks to website I could easily manage all the bookings.

Last stop in Poland will be our last days in Warsaw with my best friends.

Australian Open

I wanted to continue my “see everything” concept on the way back to Australia. As a big tennis fan I couldn’t forget about Australian Open. So, we will fly to Melbourne and spend 2 days watching tennis YAY.


Everything is booked and planned. When you start that early enough, you are able to plan the best holidays!

We will keep you updated with our experiences! Only 2 weeks to go!!!!


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