Why is travelling solo the best?

Many people assume that they are not able to travel on their own. They say its lonely and not as fun as with someone else. And I admit that I used to think exactly the same way… It is fun sharing your trip with someone but it is really hard to find friends who have the same travel plans, available time off and vision for spending their holidays just the way you would want.  That is why…years ago… after some time, trying to find people to join me for my travels, I’ve decided this time I will try travelling by myself. I will go to the places I want and will do whatever I want there! 🙂 And since my first trip to USA, I know…travelling alone is THE BEST!

dreamers…so both of us… we do love travelling together. However, both of us experienced solo travelling and both of us love it! That is why I created this little list why is travelling on your own so amazing.

You decide!

No matter whether it’s choosing the destination, hotel or deciding what to eat, you can do whatever you want!  No one will try to convince you to try seafood when you actually feel like eating Italian. No one will drag you to check this museum when you want to just explore the city some other way. When you are alone, you are free!!!


You see more!

Travelling alone opens your eyes and ears. I know when I’m with someone I just talk to them, focus on the conversations and each other, while exploring new places of course. However, when I was travelling by myself I was just soaking up the atmosphere of the city, town or amazing views I’ve been so privilaged to see.


You meet amazing people!

That is the best part of travelling on your own. You are more open to talk to other travelers and locals. I usually try to get new contacts trough local social media groups, and ALWAYS I succeeded and met amazing people! In Hawaii I met a very nice guy who showed me around and travelling American and Australian girls and we spent fe cool days together, hiking and exploring the island.


You have unforgettable adventures

When I traveled by myself, thanks to meeting new people, I got the chance to experience things I wouldn’t even dream of if I came with someone else. For example, I met Ken in San Diego, who was so nice and took me for one day to Mexico! Phil in NYC took me to the first pizzeria in the city and Mico took me for NBA game in Madison Square Garden!



That is why you can’t be shy and afraid. Believe that you will find great people and you will!! Besides, when you travel on your own, people are really friendly and helpful.

You can focus on your thoughts

Travelling by yourself is also a great way of focusing on yourself. Especially if you choose travelling the way Josh does, camping, hiking in nature. This way you have a lot of time to think about your life, dreams and anything you need to think about. 🙂

Even if you are not in a wild, and you found some other travelers or locals to hang out with… as I mention you decide when you want to be alone… you can explore the city, town or nature, meditate, think about your life, solve any problems you like. Find peace!


You will have the best selfies

When I explore touristy spots, I usually ask people to take me photos, and sometimes I’m lucky and I get the chance to find someone who knows how to operate a camera. But now I learned that taking photos of landscapes is amazing too and you don’t need to be on the photo to have great memories. Plus in the era of selfies, you can always master in taking them!

Josh loves camping on his own and he is  a fan of practicing taking classic selfies (not always perfect ones) but they are pretty funny :)\











I, for example am a master of photographing my shoes everywhere 🙂











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  1. Mind The Travel

    Very inspiring post! My fav picture is the one with pizza though 😉 after 9 years on the road I can say that solo traveling is the best way to immerse yourself in the foreign culture!


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