Visit art gallery with the ocean view – Sculpture By The Sea 2017

Bondi is full of life, sport and art. Whole sidewalk by the beach is pumping with colorful street art that changes all the time giving various artists to express themselves on the Bondi Beach wall or in Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

These are just few examples of beautiful and creative street art you can find walking on Bondi Beach  promenade…


Bondi is also famous of a scenic, natural coastal walk Bondi to Coogee, during which you can visit beautiful beaches and enjoy amazing ocean views.


20171023_115136Once a year a beautiful coastal walk changes into art gallery that invites artists from all over the world to present their art on the coastal walk.  For around 2 weeks you can enjoy art with an ocean view between Bondi and Tamarama Beach.

This is something incredible and super fun. Some of art items are super creative and some are just simply beautiful. But be careful! it is also super crowded, so the best way is to go very very early in the morning since it is veeeeery veeery busy!


This year it’s 21st edition of the Sculpture By The Sea and it’s available from 19th October till 5th November.


This year spectators can admire art of 104 sculptors from 15 countries around the world. Sculptures are placed by the coastal walk and also in Marks Park, on a way from Bondi to Tamarama Beach.


Here are some sculptures I found in Marks Park:

20171023_121708 (1)1020709.jpg1020690.jpg1020693.jpg1020696.jpg1020694.jpg

And one of my favourite….  “The inconvenience store” which is a little stand looking like a convenience store except of the fact that the only products  available there are things found by an artist by the sea!


There is even a little shelf with empty water bottles and cans…


And “beached” towels…



Such a great idea to show how much rubbish lands in the ocean.

One of my other favourites was a sculpture of surfers named “Trip I, Trip II, Trip III”

3 surfers made of aluminium look different from each angle…


And of course, as a Hamburger lover I couldn’t have walked without any reaction next to this one…


“What a tasty looking burger” by Australian artist. I had a little bite 🙂


More of some of the cool sculptures:


And this one was kinda interesting too 🙂


Then you finish the walk on Tamarama beach which has some cool sculptures as well…


One of my favorites was also the sculpture that is close to Bondi Beach which is a huge insect looking like a armed helicopter….very impressive


I really love Sculpture By The Sea…every year I visit it few times…so far I’ve been 2 times this year and I will definitely try to go at least one more time… and I recommend it to all the lucky people living the Sydney life to come and enjoy some beautiful art by the sea!



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