How to add extra income to your household?

Living in Sydney is amazing… especially in Bondi with its cool vibe, beautiful beach and amazing international atmosphere. We love it…but even if you live in paradise, you need to go on holidays sometimes πŸ™‚ This time, after almost 3 years being away, I’m gonna go home for Christmas time. And I’m taking Josh with me! YAY

When we decided it’s time to visit everybody and show Josh my homeland…we started searching for ideas to get some extra money. And you know what? It’s actually not that hard as everyone says…

Use your skills

Getting extra cash can be different depending on your skills. I love children so for my extra casual jobs I simply find babysitting jobs. Usually it’s on weekend evenings. You can find babysitting jobs through websites, Faceboook groups in your area or simply through recommendation from previous parents you did babysitting for. It’s such a nice, not very hard work and it always brings extra pennies. If it’s not children, you can take care of someone’s pets which is great fun for animal lovers πŸ™‚

As a ex-journalist/marketing specialist – I also found few fun jobs requiring writing articles, blog posts or simply checking someone’s texts. It’s much harder to find this kind of work, since there is plenty of people wanting to do it…but if you research constantly and you are active, you will definitely find some extra jobs like this.

Take small local jobs – Airtasker

The best app/website for using your skills is Airtasker. It’s a simple place where people post small tasks and jobs for extra cash. My friend used to clean apartments and houses through this. My friend does some graphic designer through it…andΒ  Josh is winning it with all handyman jobs. Yeah, after using this app for a while I can say that this is the best one for all the tradesmen who have knowledge and right tools… also for guys who have some big van or truck to help with moving things. Josh loves airtasker and almost everyday he can find some cool and easy job to add some more dollars to our budget.

One time he even engaged me to help him move a basketball basket from one house to another. It was not very easy, especially for a little girl like me but since Josh did 99% of job, I was fine πŸ™‚


Do you like driving? – try UBER

Our friend works for himself and he has spare hours every week. He decided to try starting driving as an Uber driver. And not everybody know that but you don’t even need to own a car. He rented it from Uber and for monthly fee he simply drives it also for private use. So far, he really likes it and says that it is affordable. The best thing about it is that you meet all different people and you can do it anytime you want.

Have some extra space? – try Airbnb

We are lucky enough to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and we are not really using the extra room. My friend from work recommended me to try to host on Airbnb. It is a website that allows you to rent your place/room for travelers as a alternative to hotels.

Our lovely garden…

I made pretty photos and posted our cool room on airbnb and it is going really good. Not only we get to meet amazing people who help us appreciate the place we live in. But also we have a great income with not much work. Just a bit more cleaning which is even better cause I have the excuse to yell at Josh for leaving socks on the floor etc. πŸ™‚

If you have a spare room and you are thinking about saving some moneym I definitely recommend Airbnb – it is such an amazing experience. And, just like with UBER, you can choose when you want to do it. πŸ™‚

No mater what way you choose, there is always a way of getting extra cash. You just need to be creative, ambitious and active. Don’t forget that job will not just appear from nowhere (it may after awhile when you get recommended from your previous jobs).






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