Where to find snow in Australia?

Before I came to Australia I thought it’s a beautiful country with a huge desert in the middle.It’s hot, sunny and there is millions of crazy animals :). I had no idea that this country/continent has snow!  Yes, the season is short and it’s not much snow comparing to European winters but yes, they do have snow….moreover….they have  quite a few ski resorts.

One of the most popular is Thredbo Village on Mount Kosciuszko. You can also visit it in the summer. You can read about it in our other post: Mount Kosciuszko – NOT Koziasko 😉

This time it was a special trip…first cause it was my birthday and the first snow time in Australia and also, it was my first snowboard experience! YAY

Josh is an experience snowboarder who spent almost every weekend (driving 6 hours to Thredbo => Snowboarding => driving back to Sydney) but for me it was a new and exciting thing! I was just hoping I will survive and come back without any broken bones 🙂


My birthday is in July which is amazing when you live in  Europe, but not as exciting when you live in Australia when there’s winter! :/  It was my third Australian birthday both previous years I tried to travel somewhere with better weather (Gold Coast and Cairns). This year was a bit special… with Joshua and in the snow…aaaaa…

The way to Thredbo is pretty fun…its about 5-6 hours drive and there are few nice places to stop…usually it’s just a service station with take away food. One of the coolest one is in Goulburn with a big Merino with a souvenir shop inside its belly 🙂


Then the whole view changes…when you arrive closer to mountains…you can see a lot of strange rocks randomly placed there by something mysterious I assume… like in some horror movie – very cool!


And after looong looong way you enter Snowy Mountains…go through Jindabyne….small nice town with a beautiful lake.


When we finally got to Thredbo….it started snowing….straight away 🙂 It felt like it’s a miracle!!! No matter how many times I’ve seen and touched the snow in Poland…it felt kinda strange to see snow in Australia.


Then we went to try snowboarding..

Thredbo is a nice resort with many trails for beginners and advanced skiers/snowboarders. You will definitely find something for yourself.


As I was a beginner, I booked a lesson and rented a snow gear. You can book the ticket and rental on the thredbo website. Then you get a pass that is later used for all the lifts. It It is a pricey experience…. for beginner 2-day pass with the lessons I think I payed over $250 and I just used one lift for newbies. But oh well, I guess it is a really short season so they want to get as much money as they can during the snowy times… besides…it is kinda cool to see snow in Australia…so fair enough 🙂

When I finally chose my beautiful board….I was ready to go!



Just few more selfies later I had to have my first lesson. Josh left to explore higher areas of Kosciuszko Mountain…and I was really stressed before my first lesson. The best part of waiting for a lesson is watching all those cute little kids trying to learn skiing….sooo sweet!

Snowboarding is not easy, especially for someone who has never tried skiing….but sooo much fun! The teacher was  a funny, happy guy who enjoyed his work and was happy to teach you even when you are not the best!



If you are thinking of starting your snowboarding experience I would definitely recommend doing it in Thredbo. I looooved both lessons. 2 hours of great time…and I even managed to snowboard a bit! Don’t I look cool?


After Josh got back we even got to go together…I was not really great under pressure but it was still fun….


Then it was time to rest….omg…nobody told me that snowboard is sooo hard!

Next morning I got up and it was my birthday! YAY…. I got the most surprising present in the world… a pretty pink guitar…which I will have to eventually learn to play on!


Moreover, Josh gave me the best set of baloons …that were saying that I’m actually one year younger YAY… so yeah it was my 33rd birthday that time…and thats my baloons 🙂


During our stay we also went to check Perisher which is another ski village! full of snow…and tourists….looked really nice!


So…going to Thredbo in Australian winter is definitely fun! but be prepared for paying for everything a lot…and you need to book your accomodation really quickly as the village can be fully booked pretty quick. You can try accomodation in Jindabyne but I guess it might be not as fun 🙂


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