How to spread the happiness around you

“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”.png

One of the most important parts of being happy…is staying positive!

How do we do it? We should always focus on good things. I know it is not always that easy.

Many of my friends can say that even I get sad and grumpy sometimes… but my goal is to limit that grumpiness or eliminate it forever 🙂

I try staying positive by spreading the positive energy around me! Its not that hard! Try these few ways and I guearantee you will feel better…and you can make someone’s day great too 🙂

Don’t forget to smile!

It’s so simple… smiling to others does make a difference. Someone might have had a bad day and you just make it a bit better by sending a smile. Even when you pass someone on the street….just smile. And I promise you…it will make you feel better!


Share the luck!♧

My best friend thought me this one! and that one is the easiest one. As we all know, finding a coin on the street means luck. So when my friend has too many tiny coins in her wallet, she simply drops them randomly on the street. Every little penny can make someone else’s day better…and its a really small cost. Since she introduced me to it, I’m spreading the luck myself 🙂

Happy Valentine'sDay!.jpg

Give compliments

Hearing nice words about you us always great! Especially getting compliment from a stranger. So if you like someones dress, hat or shoes…just tell them 😉 Make sure it comes natural. Plus its a nice conversation starter.

Talk only about positives

When you focus on good things, you forget about the bad ones. Even if you don’t feel like it’s the best day, pretend it’s good!

Living in Australia showed me…when they ask you ‘how are you’, you answer ‘good’ regardless what is your mood. Therefore, when you say it’s good…you start feeling better too. 🙂

Wishing you a.png



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