How NOT to camp with a Princess

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Camping and hiking is something Josh absolutely loves. When he is surrounded by the nature, he has to walk kilometers to the deserted area, camp there and walk some more the next day – this is his passion.


That is something I definitely don’t do. πŸ™‚

I need to have a shower and a proper toilet… and walking for hours with 20kg backpack is not really my thing, Β Yeah, I am a traveler, but I am also a bit of a Princess πŸ™‚

That’s why I wasn’t really excited for Josh’s idea of walking through the Royal National Park with 2 nights sleep – 26 km walk with all our gear! (OMG). But just for the sake of trying, and the fact that Josh promised to carry most of the stuff…I agreed πŸ™‚

The walk starts in Otford and finishes in Bundeena, with 2 stops on the way. But we had the safety option planned….if I hate it…then we come back after first night.

Rule number 1:

Rain is not the best weather for camping with a Princess

On the day of planned trip it was pouring rain! It is not the best signal…and definitely not the best day to persuade the Princess to go camping πŸ™‚


Josh was still eager to go…so we took our raincoats and went for the adventure!!

We took a train to Otford and had to wait for the pouring rain to stop…that’s promising πŸ™‚



20170106_151832.jpgWhen it stopped, we started walking… and I have to admit… the walk was actually pretty nice….full of nice scenic views.

20170105_161849 (1)20170105_150329 (1)

The forest was just magical..especially after the rain…


On a way there is this super cool palm jungle!



The walk is actually pretty hard. For a beginner (Princess) it is a big Β struggle to walk through the hills and very narrow bush with additional kg on your back. Especially that it was raining and the surface was really slippery. I was very grumpy traveler so kudos for Josh for putting up with princess grumpiness. Especially when my new Sketchers got very muddy….eeew

Rule Number 2:

Campground toilet is not a Princess standard toilet

After few meltdowns and Princess tantrums and of course many stops for selfies…we arrived to North Era campground… it was already occupied by few camping enthusiasts. But Josh, my camping expert found us the best spot…a bit on the top…with the beach view and the view for the whole campground.


VIP style!!!

I was told that there is a toilet on this campground….and I went there…and I was shocked!!! If you are a princess like me….just don’t even check it πŸ˜‰ You’d better peeing in the bush πŸ™‚ and that was my option πŸ™‚


Then we started preparing out camping for the night….and by we I mean that Princess was supervising and taking photos while Josh could prove himself how great of a camping hero he is.


Then when Princess got hungry, it was Josh’s job to make sure the food is acceptable…at the end of the day, Princess was the one carrying all the veggies all 11km!


Then it was time to swim…since there was no showers…we had to try the ocean….it was not warm πŸ™‚


Rule number 3:

Don’t mention any wild animals before going to sleep

And after that it was the time to sleep…and then Josh made a mistake and told me that we have to cover all the food so the animal won’t come. And this caused one of the longest nights in Princess’s life…

I was hearing all the noises and asking Josh “is it you?” every time I heard something suspicious πŸ™‚

Rule number 4:

Tent for one person can fit only one person!

Another thing is….when you take the Princess camping. You better take a 2 people tent…Single tent will not work…even if the Princess is pretty small. πŸ˜‰

The worst moment in Princess’s night was when she woke up after another noise that she was sure was some enormous dangerous creature…she asked Josh: “I wish it was almost morning…what time is it?”

“11PM” said Josh…and that caused some Princess drama too πŸ™‚

And after looong loong night…the day has come again! YAY A bit rainy day…but at least no wild animals! πŸ˜‰


Morning instant soup with the sound of guitar…almost good enough for Princess πŸ™‚


Then we went for a walk to explore the area…


It was pretty nice, although we had to head back since the rain was starting again :/

Rule number 5:

Spiders and Princesses don’t like each other

We are coming back to our tent and what do we see? A huge spider!!!


When Princess Evie freaks out… Josh is ignoring me and trying to get the best photo…i think he actually did great…but I wasn’t as ok at that time…

And this was the moment when Princess decided to go back home after 1 night… I know I know…you will call me a wuss… but I went through so much over this one night….besides Josh forgot the phone charger (OMG!)…so that was the decision making point.

At the end of the day I had so much fun… I definitely prefer showers and king size beds but camping and travelling with a backpack in Australian bush….is something you have to do when you are here. Besides, the nature is incredible (except of spiders).





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