How to furnish your place for free

Living in social media era is the best! You can meet people online, you can help others through the internet and buy things you like thanks to social media channels. You can also furnish your house! If you wanna spend nothing on it….and you wanna have a bit of fun…try getting freebies online.

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Before you furnish your kingdom for free, you have to remember few things:

1. Make a plan

Make sure you give yourself enough time to collect all furniture. Some of things like washing machine or fridge are not easy to grab for free since they disappear faster than they get posted.

2. Use social media channes

We were using the website that has a freebies category. There are also many local groups offering few things. In Sydney you can literally find free things on the street. Many people when they get new furniture, they just leave the old ones outside the house.The best day to look for freebies on the street in Sydney is Sunday afternoon. 🙂

3. Find a ride

Most of the times you will have to pick the furniture up yourself. If you dont have a truck, you can rent one from or adcertise help on local facebook groups.

4. Be active

Finding good furniture for free takes a bit of time. You need to check the website constantly. Check the Facebook freebies groups.

5. Be fast

There is a lot of people wanting cool furniture, so you gotta act fast. When you see the add you like,contact the person straight away. Usually the first person gets the freebie.

6. Enjoy the experience

Getting freebies is such a cool thing to do not only for the fact of receiving something for free, but also because you get to meet nice people, know their stories and get to know the the history of the furniture you are getting. Some of them are really unusual and fun!

And this is our story…

When we decided to live together, we knew it will be a great experience. Josh just moved back to Australia after 9 years spent in Europe. I’m European coming here with 30kg of belongings and some other stuff I bought during the first year of my stay in Australia.

Josh had used the Gumtree Freebies before and he suggested we should try to furnish the place for free!

We are the luckiest people on Earth cause Josh’s mom owns the apartment in North Bondi…on a beautiful cliff… that is our garden photo #nofilter


It is a 2 bedroom apartment and its unfurnished. We had 1 month to find almost all furniture.

We decided we need to find:

  1. Sofa
  2. Sofa/bed for extra room
  3. Tv unit
  4. Kitchen table and chairs
  5. Fridge

That was our basics 🙂 Then we begun the crazy search. We were on almost all the time.

For weeks we were addicted to Freebies app… checking every 15 minutes if anything nice is there. First thing we found was a grandma style sofa.


I found it soo cute and I wanted it! We picked it up from this lovely lady in Paddinton. In great condition. Now we needed to find a storage…since we had 1 month before we were moving in…we needed a place to put all our treasures.

Then it was my first, super exciting trip to storage place!!! YAY

That was soo much fun! 🙂

Later Josh found other couch…the red one…and then another one…white one….And we got them all! Yeah I think we got a bit too carried away. We decided we will choose the best ones at the end.

Getting the fridge was a bit tricky… more people want it so they disappear faster. Josh finally got it…unfortunately he did not think this through and asked me to carry it to our place… I almost broke my back. carrying it with him on the stairs but yeah! managed! YAY

After we got a 4th little sofa (seriously, we got a bit addicted) but it was a little corner one and its perfect in our bedroom. This was Josh’s little treasure. Mine was a cute canary yellow old school buffet.

Sooo cute…

I saw it on freebies and I just texted Josh “I know we don’t need it but look how cute! I want it!”. And later that day Josh texted me back this photo:


Got it! 🙂

Funny thing about this buffet is that the guys was gonna sell it…nobody wanted it…then he wanted to give it to Vinnie’s (charity shop) and they didn’t want it cause no one would get it!. I might have no taste…but oh well…I love it!

With our crazy freebie “shopping” our storage started to fill up 🙂



And we still needed the table. We found one on the street and got great condition chairs from a nice gentleman from Freebies. So we seemed to be good… but then…we found this coolest table and chairs:


We had to have them! Unfortunately, we weren’t fast enough and the girl said someone is already picking the stuff up. We wanted it soo badly that we decided to break our freebie rule… we offered $50 and we got it!!! So yeah…this one is not technically a freebiem but look how cool!

Plus the girls that we got it from were soo cool… I mentioned I love the huge clock on the wall they posted on the photo where the table is.. and they gave it to me too…plus 2 nice purple side tables. Thanks girls! They also told us a nice story about the table…it was owned by one of the girls grandpa and she was not really happy to give it away…I’m sure it went into good hands, cause we love it!

So I guess we were set. We gave back 2 extra sofas and table we found to gumtree freebies users…for free 🙂 and we managed to furnished our place the way we wanted….almost for free…

Buffet…we divided it and turned it into kitchen cupboard and tv unit.

2017-07-25 10.02.52

I decided to paint it white so it matched the kitchen better….and there you go! We got our furnished home….for almost free. 🙂



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