8 things you didn’t know about Australia

Before I moved to Australia I have to admit that I only knew the basics about this country far far away:

  • its hot and sunny everywhere (not really 100% true)
  • there are lots of snakes, spiders, sharks and all of them are happy to kill you with one bite
  • kangaroos are everywhere

After spending already over 2.5 year here…I have to share some of the things that I found funny, odd and a bit weird πŸ™‚ I’m sure many Europeans will agree with me:

1. Almost every word has shorter version

Australians are so easy going and casual that using normal words is just too much for them. So Australian is called simply Aussie. New Zealander is Kiwi. πŸ™‚ Why say Good morning when you can say G’day. These are the most popular ones.

My absolutely favorite one is Spag Bol…. What is it?? Simple: Spaghetti Bolognese πŸ™‚

Few more examples:

LEAN (1).jpg

2. They really like big things πŸ™‚

All over Australia there are plenty of BIG things that are a tourist attraction, Big Potato Big Banana or Big Merino. So far we only got the chance to see the last one.

Big Merino is not far from Sydney, around one hour…in Goulburn… its basically a big statue, that is also a shop with souvenirs…next to the petrol station…I think its more of a way to attract tourists driving from city to city to choose this exact petrol station not a different one πŸ™‚ It is still pretty cool πŸ™‚


3. They actually eat crocodiles and kangaroos

Fluffy sweet kangaroos that you can see anytime you leave the city… the ones you can pet in the zoo….you can also find on the supermarket shelves. I haven’t tried yet but Josh says its kinda like beef without fat I don.t think ill try…i gotta believe haha

4. In some areas it is illegal to hug a koala

In Australiam there are some strange laws. One of them: In New South Wales (where Sydney is) it is illegal to hug koala. It is possible to do it in Queensland πŸ™‚

Koalas are actually well protected in Australiam because many of them die on the highways. :((


5. There are free public bbq on the beaches

Many Australian beaches have public gas bbq that anyone can use for free. This was something that amazed me the most when I arrived to Australia. So, on a beautiful sunny day you can organize a barbeque (barbie) on the beach, sharing the bbq with other happy people.

Everything is easy to use, and what is great, everything is clean! I haven’t seen any of them damaged as well…


6. They add chicken salt to chips ☺

You probably haven’t heard about chicken salt. But when you order chips here…90% chance you’ll get them with the chicken salt…and I think its delicious! It’s a yellow powder with mixture of spices….YUMMM

7. Flip flops are called thongs πŸ™‚

Australians have a funny name for flip flops…it is totally normal to call them thongs…I don’t really know why but when I first heard it I was shocked. I saw one mom on the street talking to her young sons “boys, don’t forget your thongs”…????…. kinda unusual πŸ™‚

8. Any weather is great for swimming and wearing shorts

It doesn’t matter if the water temperature is really low… its windy and rainy. You will always find people swimming in the ocean. Even int he middle of winter. It’s the same story with dress code. Short sleeves, flip flops (thongs) and shorts… all year long.


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