Mount Kosciuszko – NOT Koziasko ;)

As many of you know, the highest mountain of Australia is Mount Kosciuszko, which is a Polish name… basically the Polish guy climbed it and named it after a famous Polish leader. I think he chose this name just to play a bit with Australians šŸ™‚ Its definitely not a easy name to pronounce for someone who is not Polish.

For me, a pure Polish blood, it was necessary to visit this cool mountain… unfortunately I discovered that even locals of the small village Thredbo situated on the mountain, can’t even pronounce this name…so for all Aussies Kosciuszko is —> KOZIASKO….simple šŸ™‚


What’s interesting….they even have a beer brand named like this…but if you go to the bar and ask for Kosciuszko….not everybody knows what it is…you get a funny look…and question “pardon?”… after few times you just give up and ask for a pint of Koziasko…oh well… šŸ™‚

But name is not the only incredible thing about Mount Kosciuszko… We decided to go there during the spring last year… it was actually mountain bike season opening…

Thredbo is a village that is the most popular winter destination in Australia…full of skiing and snowboarding lovers…. and in the spring/summer season…mountain bike and hiking fans.

It’s a long 5 hour drive from Sydney (for Australians drive for 5 hours is not a big trip anyways) but it is definitely worth visiting. Small town with a spirit. During the spring you can actually meet locals who love the nature, hanging out and talking about their adventures.

Moreover, there is plenty to do…hikes, bike rides not only in Thredbo but in the whole National Park area. I took a nice hike with my friend and we found few snowy areas, which was super exciting for me, since I never knew that in Australia you can actually see the snow.


The next day we took the hike to the top of the Mount Kosciuszko… you can walk which will take you VERY long but we took, the easy, touristy way – we took a lift… very pricey experience, cause the lift pass its around $100 even if its not during the ski season. Plus, I’m kinda afraid of them so was a bit terrified.


After getting there without getting a heart attack, we saw that there is actually plenty of snow on the top of the mountain… Then you walk few km to the peak of the mountain… which is a pretty cool walk with beautiful views.


Almost at the top there was a big hill…full of melting, wet and heavy snow…very hard to walk on…and that was a really hard part of the walk…


Once you are on top, you can enjoy the stunning view…and you can feel like you are on the top of….Australia šŸ™‚


I totally recommend going to Thredbo not only in winter when the town is full of tourists… meeting the locals…enjoying the nature…that’s what you can experience in spring and summer… Josh even got the chance to sing a bit in a local pub šŸ™‚


We did come back to Thredbo during the winter…but about that maybe a bit later šŸ™‚


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