Dream 1 – Start a blog :)


This first post is gonna be  similar to any other first posts starting new blog 🙂

How to start a blog? mmm I guess by introducing ourselves. We are a couple of positively crazy individuals that love to live their lives the way they want! :)… but I guess you can read more about us in the section “about us”… you can always ask more questions 🙂

What is the whole idea of this blog?

First of all,

I think its something that will definitely help us to be more persistent with achieving our goals. I, Evie, have a looooong list of different dreams – smaller and bigger and  I think the fact that I will be able to share them with you guys, will help me to make all of them come true. Learn to play guitar, travel to Fiji, or sing on a concert…thats just few of them…I hope (I know) I will be able to write and show you all about it in this blog.

Second reason is,  we would really like to inspire others to follow their dreams.  We already live our dreams…and when we talk to other people about our lives many of them say that is so inspiring and we should start a blog or write a book. I think its a long way till we write a book (or maybe we should add it to a dream list?) so lets just start with this 🙂

dream big!

Ok…lets do it then…this is it…official first post is over 🙂 See ya soon




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